Preserving Your Ink: Longevity Tips for Tattoos from Bleed Ink

A tattoo is for life, and at Bleed Ink, we want to ensure your art stays as vibrant as the day you got it.

Aftercare Essentials:
  • Moisturizing: Keep your tattoo hydrated with recommended products.
  • Sun Protection: UV rays can fade ink, so always use sunscreen.
  • Avoid Scratching: Let your tattoo heal naturally without picking.
Long-Term Care:
  • Regular Moisturizing: Even after healing, keep your skin nourished.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: A healthy body contributes to better skin and ink longevity.
  • Touch-Ups: Consider getting touch-ups to refresh your tattoo.

Caring for your tattoo is a lifelong commitment. Need more tips? Visit us at Bleed Ink!

Safety and Quality Control Practices

With over many years of experience in the tattoo industry, Bleedink has perfected the art of tattooing. We use only the highest quality inks and needles, and our sterile environment ensures that your tattoo is done safely and with the utmost care. Our experienced artists have an eye for detail and will work with you to create a custom tattoo that you'll love.

Aftercare Tips for a Successful Ink Experience

So, you've got yourself a fresh tattoo at Bleedink, right? Here's the lowdown to keep it sweet:

  • Wash the area gently with soap and water twice a day.
  • Throw on a dab of healing ointment or lotion.
  • Stay away from sunlight or UV rays.
  • Chill in loose, comfy clothes.
  • Keep the spot clean and dry, easy peasy!